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After a quest of 25 years the author Paul Glaser discovered the war secret from his family.

Paul Glaser was born in 1947, shortly after the end of the Second World War, and grew up at the foot of Sint Pietersberg – Mount Saint Peter in Maastricht. He is the oldest of a family of five. He met his wife in The Hague, and after completing his university studies they travelled together extensively throughout Europe. They have three daughters.

Glaser has held management positions in a number of educational and care foundations. In addition to his regular activities, he has been involved in the establishment of a graphic museum, a regional theatre, and a Montessori secondary school in Twente. He is the author of an academic book on matrix organisations and is an honorary member of the Jostiband Orchestra. After discovering his family’s secret he decided to write about it and his exceptional Aunt Rosie. The present book is the result.

When he was 35 years old, Paul Glaser’s friend made an interesting observation about Paul’s last name, which was a rather unusual one in the Netherlands: He told Paul that it was actually a common Jewish surname in Vienna before WWII. Glaser, who was raised Catholic, was caught off guard. But the statement triggered his curiosity. He always thought it was strange that he had no grandparents, no cousins on his father’s side, just one estranged aunt who lived in Sweden.

Was there something his father wasn’t telling him? And why had his father and his aunt severed their relationship? His curiosity piqued, Glaser began a quest that would take him nearly 25 years to complete.